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A project by Aish Divine

shared till date
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The sole purpose of the CONFESSIONAL is to create a safe way to share our secrets. This is a private project, not affiliated with religious or governmental organizations.

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  • Do not provide any identifying information like your or anyone else's name

  • Do not disclose any contact information like addresses or phone numbers

  • Any and all identifying information will be removed

  • All confessions are voice altered to ensure anonymity

Want to share a secret? Want to get something off your chest? Sometimes, we just want to be heard 🌹


Call the CONFESSIONAL 1-646-867-2261 or in form below, share your story of love, sex & sexuality. Say what happened and how you feel about it. Be proud, sinful, brave, angry, say anything. This is your space. See what people are confessing @TheConfessional TikTok:

The CONFESSIONAL is a completely anonymous, free & 24/7 hotline. 

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