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5 signs you might be a sapiosexual

For those who are yet unfamiliar, a sapiosexual is a person who is only sexually attracted to those who can stimulate them on an intellectual level. Although this obviously excludes the majority of the free world, there are still quite a few people who can only get aroused once they have been sexed mentally. That said, the following is a list of 5 signs that you might be a sapiosexual.

You Don’t Do ‘Hook-Ups’

While “hook-up” culture is the norm for most, the sapiosexual is a bit old-fashioned in that regard. We’re not saying you won’t get the tingling sensation when some hottie walks into the room. However, a sapiosexual is much less likely to act on it. Rather than trying to rip their clothes off the first chance you get, you are much more likely to get them alone so they can explain their views on the state of the economy. Nevertheless, it is still possible for them to literally impress your pants off, should they succeed in giving you a mental orgasm first.

Verbal Sparring is the Ultimate Foreplay

Another major sign you’re a sapiosexual is that you actually get turned on when someone can keep up with your sarcastic humor. If you say something that is somewhat combative or off-putting, you are typically seeking an equally clever comeback that knocks your socks (and eventually their pants) off. In fact, you may even use facetious quips as a means of weeding out the weak. Rather than looking for come hither stares, you much prefer someone who looks you in the eye and says something like, “Although brilliant, I think the writings of Terence McKenna are somewhat overrated”. Hubba hubba!

You Prefer “Boring” Hang-Outs Over Clubs

One major sign that you are a sapiosexual is that you prefer to hang out at places such as book stores and museums over nightclubs. You would rather be approached by a guy or gal who is giving you their thoughts on The Optimist’s Telescope or the latest Tauba Auerbach painting over someone telling you how attractive you are of that they like your outfit. Of course, the latter doesn’t hurt either.

You’d Rather Be Alone Than in Bad Company

Another common trait of sapiosexuals is that they value quality over quantity, as far as their social circles are concerned. Given that you hate small talk, you prefer to be around people you are comfortable having deep, profound conversations with. Although you may not have a huge social circle, the friends you do have are most likely clever brainiacs who could take over the world, if you’re into that sort of thing.

You Love an Odd Duck

Since most sapiosexuals march to the beat of their own drum, they prefer others who do the same. Therefore, you prefer to date and socialize with unconventional people who think for themselves rather than following the crowd. If your list of exes looks more like an eclectic freak show than anything, do not be alarmed, you are probably just a sapiosexual.

If you believe you are a sapiosexual this is definitely not a bad thing. While it may take you longer to find suitable sexual partners, you will also likely have very few instances in which you are a victim of the dreaded combination of raging hormones and beer goggles.


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