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Aish has a sense of how large a performance, song, and world can be - Earmilk



(pronounced "Ash" /æʃ/) 

San Francisco based singer, writer and composer, Aish, transforms his tumultuous childhood, estrangement from family, struggles with sexuality and his migration across continents, into grand landscapes of cinematic pop music constructed with layered vocals, strings, harp, metallophones and electronics. With the release of singles Promise Me and Migrant in 2017, Aish emerged with a distinctive compositional aesthetic combining classical chamber with contemporary electronic music, layered with intricate vocal arrangements. Aish's debut full length album, Mother, came out March 30th, 2018. Aish has collaborated with multidisciplinary artists including Beau Sorenson (Tune-Yards, DCFC, Superchunk, Thao), Rashaad Newsome 

(Solange, The Smithsonian), Suzi Analogue

Mess KidBoody and Qween Beat.

If you like: Björk, ANOHNI

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Aish Divine - "Common Questions" (Official Music Video)
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My album "Mother" is about mother. It’s about my attachment to her, how she shaped perception of my feelings as elemental as joy and sorrow, my relationship to femininity, our separation, and finding answers to questions she left. It’s about understanding motherhood through birthing my own music. “Chaos” is an empathic dialogue between the unborn child and mother. “Blackbird” is a conversation between mother and I, on how we dealt with our sadness. “Engagement” is not the Oedipus song. “Migrant” is why one separates, “Orcas” is what one does in solitude of separation. “Promise Me” is the sorted me, rewriting how mother would handle separation. “Oceanman” is an impressionist narrative by mother, of a blurry father. “Joy and Sorrow” is what mother meant to me.


Mothers are fundamental to shaping who we are. They introduce us to the very idea of attachment. They show up in big and little ways in attachments we form throughout our lives. The expanse and complexity of motherhood cannot simply be confined to reductive ideas like Mother’s Day.


I write and compose all my work. The juxtaposition of chamber and electronic composition is informed by the music of my childhood and my present, and a purpose to create music distinct from the current deluge of popular electronic music.

“An emotional journey of violence and recovery” - Vice

“Succeeds at shutting down the haters who say art and pop can’t be intertwined” - The Advocate

“Aish has a sense of how large a performance, song, and world can be” - Earmilk

“One of the more experimental and engaging pop artists around” - Tidal

“Expressive, fantastical beauty...its value is resounding” - Cool Hunting

“Modern-day, whimsical, trippy” - SFWeekly

“I am a musician [first]...I’m also a person of colour, gay, immigrant, who’s grown up on three continents. Those parts of my identity have gifted me a unique set of experiences that show up in my compositions and writing about the beauty in love and loss, identity, migration and belonging” 

- Interview with HighClouds

“The place I came from, art was considered a luxury. We knew art was out there, we consumed it, but we didn't know how to reach it” 

- Interview with The Bay Bridged

“Absolutely stunning" - The Revue



All this chaos inside

If it all comes loose, your careful construction

Is that what you’re afraid of? Is that what you’re afraid of?

Orphan parts of you, they face you like strangers

Is that what you’re afraid of? Is that what you’re afraid of?

If you try to find the answers, you